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First Aid

First Aid

The First Aid Department is training and certifying the volunteer rescuers of the Hellenic Rescue Team and civilians in First Aid.

The Department consists of first aid instructors, who are certified instructors and directors of many well-recognized organizations, among which the ERC (European Resuscitation Council), PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), WHO (World Helath Organization), PHTLS (Pre Hospital Trauma and Life Support) and others. Its members take part in Search and Rescue operations of other departments, leading the paramedic teams.

The activities of the First Aid Department include the basic First Aid training of the new volunteers, the specialization of all the HRT members in First Aid, their preparation for community - training programs, medical support for cultural, sport and other events. One of the Department's mission is to create and participate in community awareness and preparedness for emergencies programs. The First Aid department organizes, for this reason trainings, workshops and conferences targeted at community members, associations, companies, organizations and educational institutions.

Historical review

The official operation of the Department started in 2003 by volunteers with knowledge on pre-hospital care. The main aim of the Department is ensuring the best possible training level for the organization's members and First Aid training for as many people as possible.

An important point in the history of the Department was the cooperation with the Emergency Department of AHEPA Hospital in Thessaloniki in 2004, which provided the opportunity to volunteers to be trained in dealing with trauma. This cooperation continues up to today.

Another key point in its history is the cooperation and co-training with Volunteer Organisations from the UK, Turkey, etc.

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