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Search and Rescue missions

Big earthquake in Kos: Assistance from the HRT Kos volunteers
Two people lost their lives during the earthquake
Greek rescuers succeeded in saving a Romanian climber in Olympus
The climber was rescued and is a good health condition
Four years of transportation of patients/injured by the volunteers of department of HRT in Cyclades, Paros
Four years have passed since the volunteers of Hellenic Rescue Team, department of Cyclades started to help the patients' transportation in the island of Paros
The Hellenic Rescue Team in fire fronts in Thassos
Members of the Hellenic Rescue Team from Kavala, Rodopi and the Central Administration, contributed to tackling large fires that broke out in Thassos
Operation with refugees at Chios island
On the boat there were on board 21 refugees while at the area was blowing wind of 5-6 beaufort at that time.
Contribution of Chios H.R.T. to a touristic ship with mechanical failure
The ship faced a mechanical failure inside the island’s port
Rescue operation at Anthohori in Metsovo
Tragic ending had yesterday, Sunday 24/7/2016, at Anthohori of Metsovo the excursion of a climber’s group from Ioannina
Members of the Heraklio H.R.T. traced the missing 16 years old girl at Rethymno
The girl was traced in good health condition
Rescue operation conducted by HRT Lesvos
HRT vessel participated in the safe transfer of three dinghies, which carried 50-60 people each.
Hellenic Rescue Team of Kozani helps refugees that arrived in Lefkovrisi
Members of Hellenic Rescue Team’s branch were helping in food distribution and in providing First Aid where needed.
Lesvos HRT help and ensure safe transfer of refugees
Lesvos HRT was called by the OPV 080 of Mytilenes Coast Guard to help and ensure safe transfer of refugees who were floating with dinghies towards Lesvos Island.
Search and Rescue mission for refugees in Lesvos
A refugee rescue operation, is taking place at this moment, in Mytilene, Lesvos, at the sea area around the airport.
Rescue operation of 63 refugees that had been trapped in Fourni Korseon
The Hellenic Rescue Team of Kos was participated in a rescue mission of 63 refugees, who had been trapped in a difficult to access coast in Fourni Korseon.
One more shipwreck with dead people in Kos: Operation of plucking the dead bodies
New shipwreck with nine dead refugees, including two children, occurred at Wednesday's dawn in Ammoglossa area, in Kos.
The HRT Lesvos  participates with rescue boat on big research for missing refugees.
A big SAR mission for missing refugees at the coast of Lesvos
Rescue mission for 65 refugees in Lesvos
The HRT team of Lesvos was involved in a rescue mission for 65 refugees aboard a wooden boat
Paraplegic refugee rescue operation in the maritime region of Chios
In the rescue operation of a paraplegic refugee with a disability in the legs, took part yesterday the Base of Hellenic Rescue Team in Chios
Rescue mission of trapped refugees at Samos island
On a rescue operation for 44 refugees in total, who were trapped in a rocky region of Samos, members of the Hellenic Rescue Team participated together with volunteers of the Swedish organisation SSRS.
AEGEAS project: The HRT strengthens its forces in Lesvos, Samos and Kos for search and rescue operations
Hellenic Rescue Team H.Q. under the project "AEGEAS" which it has started to implement, is strengthening its forces with volunteers from all over Greece in stations located in Lesvos, Samos and Kos.
Deployment of the HRT of Samos at a wreck with refugees
Samos station of the Hellenic Rescue Team participated in a search and recover operation of a wreck with eleven dead refugees.
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Hellenic Rescue Team is a non-governmental organization, whose members participate in Search and Rescue missions on a voluntary basis since 1994.

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