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Humanitarian assistance to refugees in Kos

Date: 28/07/2016
Humanitarian assistance to refugees in Kos

The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, in cooperation with the Ηellenic Rescue Team (H.R.T.) proceeded to provide humanitarian aid to thousands of refugees on the island of Kos.

The humanitarian aid included, amongst other items, personal hygiene items, blankets, shoes and underwear, with most of these items aimed at children who live with their parents at really poor conditions. The distribution of aid to refugees was undertaken by members of the Hellenic Rescue Team of Kos, which from the beginning of the phenomenon of the massive migration movement to our country, have offered numerous times, clothes, medicines and relief items to our fellow human beings. The mission of humanitarian aid to migrants  followed  the visit of the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue members  and the Central Administration of H.R.T.  in Kos, and took place in the made up camp that was erected in the abandoned hotel of Captain Elias, where thousand  of Syrian (in majority) refugees were crowded. In this old building they now live more than 1,000 people without electricity, with only two taps for drinking water and virtually no sanitation, since there are only two toilets to serve everyone. In this area there was recently a fire that took place, which fortunately was dealt with promptly, without putting people in any danger.

The situation with the refugees in Kos is dramatic, as it is estimated that an average of 500 immigrants arrive daily on the island, with the police managing to serve up to 150 people on daily basis. An indicative of the situation that the Police and the Coast Guard in Kos are facing with, are the figures for the number of refugees arriving on the island this year, compared with the previous year. According to UNHCR the United Nations for refugees, while in 2014 , 3,500 refugees  reached the island , the first five months of this year alone, they have  exceeded the 12,000 (refugees).

The Hellenic Rescue Team Annexes in  Kos, Lesvos and Samos have been activated together with other volunteer organizations for the relief of our fellow citizens, helping them with all means available and gathering any items that are required, through its members network and citizens thats support H.R.T. Those wishing to help refugees through the network of the H.R.T., please contact the Central Administration Organization on 2310 310649 (weekdays 09.00 - 17.00) or inform@hrt.org.gr.

Humanitarian assistance to refugees in Kos


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