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Olympus 12 Refuge Trail

Date: 02/09/2020
Olympus 12 Refuge Trail

On September 22, Lorenzo Nerantzis, a volunteer of the Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT) from Thessaloniki, will attempt something that happens for the first time in Greece.

With a solo hiking trip through well-known hiking trails, will attempt to 'unite' the 12 most famous refuges of Mount Olympus, into a single path for ten days, starting from the Mpountolas refuge, located above Litohoro, and ending at the same point on Thursday, October 1st. On this route, with a total length of 86.5 km and a total altitude difference of 9,000 meters, Lorenzo will visit both the well-known organized refuges and the emergency refuges in the most inaccessible areas of Mt Olympus, where many climbers find shelter from the bad weather conditions that very often prevail at high altitudes. The goal of this project is to sensitize all those who visit the mountain or are engaged in climbing about the importance of prevention, information and proper preparation, in order to minimize mountaineering accidents, which are usually increased during summertime.

It will also highlight the crucial role of HRT’s radio network which, with a pan-Hellenic coverage, permits the emergency communication between climbers, rescuers and refuges, especially in areas where there is no mobile signal. At the same time, in this difficult period of the pandemic, the main scope of the project is to support HRT in continuing offering its services on mountain rescue through a crowd funding campaign. All funds raised will be used towards the purchase of dedicated rescue equipment and radio transmitters for the volunteers of the organization.

Lorenzo Nerantzis is an experienced rescuer and member of HRT since 2006. He is actively involved in mountain rescue, while he has participated in many trainings, exercises and rescue operations in various fields in Greece. He is a licensed radio amateur (SV2SDP) and trainer in the Department of Research, Technology and Telecommunications. He is an economist (alumni of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), speaks 4 languages and has professional experience in Latin America and Africa.

For donations, starting from 1 euro, with various gifts, please click the following link:


Facebook- Olympus 12 Refuge Trail


Olympus 12 Refuge Trail


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