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Our Mission

The mission of the Hellenic Rescue Team – actions and obligations for achieving the organisation’s mission

The mission of the Hellenic Rescue Team is chiefly:

a) to provide aid to the whole of society in the form of humanitarian missions, provision of first aid, supporting life, preventing dangers, preparation and education on search and rescue work in Greece and abroad through the Team’s branches, in situations of:

  1. Emergencies and national need, to combat disasters and serious environmental dangers, such as earthquakes, entrapments (snow, floods, fires, missing persons investigations especially in mountain and sea zones, collapsed buildings and open areas). The Team can provide aid in the form of human resources and technical equipment to anyone who requests it, as part of a rescue operation outside of Greece too.
  2. Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, avalanches, etc.).
  3. Manmade disasters (fires, mass accidents, etc.).
  4. Manmade crises (wars and their repercussions).
  5. In every other exceptional situation comparable with a natural or manmade disaster.

b) The provision of emergency humanitarian, food, development and every other form of aid, such as restructuring and rehabilitation for the populations of third and, especially, developing countries, as well as taking initiatives to contribute to the economic and social development of these countries. This may be in collaboration with the Directorate General of International Development Cooperation-Hellenic Aid and the National Advisory Board (ESE) for NGO issues of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministries of Development and Health and Welfare, etc. as well as the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the Organisation and Coordination of International Economic Relations. Such actions will be taken through Bilateral Development Cooperation programmes and the aid and foreign relations programmes of the European Union, the DAC and other multiparty international organisations or international cooperation agencies, especially programmes that are funded by the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO) or any other state or non-state agency which designs, funds, manages or commissions programmes that are in keeping with the HRT’s statutes. The implementation of these programmes by the HRT’s members can be done in collaboration with a dependable local partner or through the mobilisation of the local community.

c) Conducting research primarily into applied technology and the experimental development of innovative methods, products and services in the following fields: 1) technology and equipment for rescue, prevention and safety; 2) IT, telecommunications and robotics; 3) medicine, particularly for first aid and treating wounds; 4) innovative technologies and improvements to means of transport that can be used in rescue situations and disasters (vehicles, floating, submarine and airborne means); 5) technologies and methods for countering extreme weather phenomena and environmental destruction (prevention, weather forecasting, monitoring, etc.); 6) any other field that may contribute to the HRT’s mission.

d) The provision of social services, aid and financial assistance to support vulnerable social groups and people with disabilities.

e) Strengthening social awareness and the spirit of voluntary work among the public and different population groups, through information campaigns, promotional activities, education and awareness raising.

f) The creation of a training centre and academy wherever and in any possible form, with the objective of rescue and training in first aid, life-saving, mountaineering, hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, the handling of speedboats, sailing vessels, survival at sea, diving with or without breathing equipment using compressed air or gas mixtures, handling of snow vehicles, special rescue and non-rescue vehicles, handling of experimental machinery or vehicles, training and handling of rescue dogs, use of specialist rescue equipment, joint operation with airborne means, simulation exercises, extrication with a rescue lift, etc. in which our members, members of other associations, government agencies, foundations and all other interested parties may participate.

g) The creation of bases of operational preparedness, branches for the provision of aid in situations of emergency need in Greece and abroad, which will support the HRT’s immediate and rapid response.

h) To take initiatives and run campaigns and direct actions for protecting the environment and the organisation and participation in related programmes and civil society activities.

i) Strengthen social awareness and the spirit of voluntary work also through the branches.

j) Provide aid during operations for prevention and preparations for countering disasters, in similar situations, to search and rescue operations.

k) Holding related events, conferences, seminars, excursions and leisure activities in which our members, members of other associations, government agencies, foundations, vulnerable social groups, people with disabilities and all other interested parties may participate.

B. The HRT provides aid without any racial, religious, political, economic, social or other type of discrimination.


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Hellenic Rescue Team is a non-governmental organization, whose members participate in Search and Rescue missions on a voluntary basis since 1994.

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