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Refugee's rescue operation in Prasso cape, in Samos

Date: 31/07/2016
Refugee's rescue operation in Prasso cape, in Samos

HRT Samos participated in a Syrian refugee rescue operation. The man had been trapped in the Vathyrema canyon of Samos and was in danger.

On Wednesday, July the 29th, Samos' Port Authority and the Police Division of the Samos island, alerted HRT in regards to a distress call, concerning a refugee from Syria, who was lost in the vicinity of Prasso Cape. His life  was in danger, as he was facing with heart related health issues. Investigations commenced immediately from the sea front with the help of fishermen in their boats that they were observing the region, in cooperation with members from the Coast Guard in their floating boats, until late at night. The investigations continued at dawn in the following day, on land now with hikers teams. At about 10am rescuers from Samos H.R.T. managed, after climbing on the rocks, to find the 72 year old refugee, in a steep rocky area in the Vathyrema canyon, in an extremely ill condition, which pose a threat to his life. Because of the state of the injured man, the extremely high temperature in the area and the position in which he was found after falling off several meters, it was necessary to transfer him to the hospital by helicopter.

Once his health condition was stabilized,  the related authorities were contacted followed by the air-rescue of the Air Force's Super Puma helicopter, that was promptly approved. The H.R.T team members were in constant radio communication with the commander of the helicopter, which facilitated the approach of the injured, and the helicopter arrived in just 15 minutes. The operation was successful despite the difficulties due to the inaccessibility of the area and the terrain.

It is worth mentioning that  an importamt factor of the efficient and successful outcome of this opepration is mainly attributed  to the  experience  gained by  the H.R.T. members through the constant training with the Air Force personel.

The Samos H.R.T. would like to thank the Port Authority, the Police Department, the Fire Service, the Civil Protection of  the Region, the island's MP, Mr.Dimitris Sevastaki and the Municipality of Samos for their excellent cooperation. Also, many thanks to the volunteers Yianni Kapnia, Niko Dimitrelia and Apostolo Kypreo for their help and the company Y. KARAYIANNIS - SA for the supply of the water consumed. Meanwhile, H.R.T. congratulates the helicopter crew for the successful outcome of this difficult operation.

According to latest information the Syrian gentleman is in good health.

Refugee's rescue operation in Prasso cape, in Samos


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