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The British sea rescue organization RNLI starts a six-month training program at Lesvos HRT

Date: 03/10/2016
The British sea rescue organization RNLI starts a six-month training program at Lesvos HRT

The RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution), one of the biggest sea rescue organizations for maritime rescue in Europe started a six-month training program in Lesvos, aiming to further strengthen the rescue and operational capability of the Lesvos HRT.

The program aims to transfer the vast experience and know-how of the RNLI in HRT Lesvos volunteers, in order to build a sustainable rescue station, with members that are trained to directly and efficiently assist in search and rescue operations at sea. Two fully equipped rescue boats, type Atlantic 75, donated to the Hellenic Rescue Team from RNLI, are already in Lesvos and will assist in this direction. The rescue boats were part of the support to HRT by members of the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF).

The project started in September in Setur Mytilene Marina, where a recruitment event was held by RNLI and HRT Lesvos. At the same time, sea search and rescue procedures were presented as well as demonstration of First Aid procedures. The second recruitment event will be held in November.

The intensive training will continue, both in maritime rescue as well as managing a rescue station, with members of the RNLI who will stay in Lesvos for the next months.

RNLI’s support in HRT Lesvos started at the end of 2015, when the organization responded to HRT’s call for support, through the International Maritime Rescue Federation, and donated a rib rescue boat, type Atlantic 75, along with rescue equipment. Following the donation, RNLI trainers provided a ten-day course to volunteers in Lesvos, which included boat operation and sea search and rescue procedures.

Note that Lesvos HRT members have offered their utmost in cooperation with the Coast Guard in rescuing refugees at sea, helping more than 3,000 refugees.

Thank you, RNLI!

The British sea rescue organization RNLI starts a six-month training program at Lesvos HRT


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