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GOBEYOND: An innovative platform for Multi-Risk Early Warning System for geohazards and weather events

Date: 20/05/2024
GOBEYOND: An innovative platform for Multi-Risk Early Warning System for geohazards and weather events

The identification of algorithms for the early warning of natural disasters and their integration with those related to weather conditions is the aim of the European Project GOBEYOND, in which the Hellenic Rescue Team is participating.

GOBEYOND is an innovation action that will develop and test Multi-Risk Impact-based Early Warning System (MR-IEWS) platforms for geohazards and weather/climate events adapted to support Civil Protection Authorities and first responders in their situational awareness and rapid deployment in Europe, countries of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), and beyond.

For this end, GOBEYOND will capitalise on the legacy of EWS for high-impact geo and weather/climate events, and on the impact-forecasting algorithms from previous projects of the consortium. GOBEYOND will identify most innovative algorithms for geohazards and incorporate them with available weather/climate impact-based algorithms into a common IEWS. These algorithms will be integrated with high-resolution vulnerability, exposure and risk information at regional and local levels to describe the severity of the hazards in terms of the expected socioeconomic impacts to evolve towards a real-time DSSs.

MR-IEWS will be co-designed in a participatory framework in which authorities, citizens, and civil society representatives can feel listened to, and actively engaged in co-design and co-creation roles.

The project involves 26 partners from 9 countries, led by the Polytechnic of Catalonia.

You may read more about the project at www.gobeyond-project.eu and on the social media channels:






Co-funded by the European Union


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