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Search and rescue of trapped people – Field Trial in Kalamata, Greece - Innovative search and rescue technologies in the frame of the EU-funded Search & Rescue project
Searching for trapped and injured people under debris, especially after an earthquake, is a difficult and time-consuming process for rescue teams
More than 1.500 refugees have been trained in prevention, self-protection and First Aid by Hellenic Rescue Team
Over 1.500 refugees, adults and children, have been trained by Hellenic Rescue Team in First Aid, Fire and Natural Disasters Safety and self-protection through the “Learn-Prevent-Protect” project
 First Aid and self-protection training activities for refugees from the Hellenic Rescue Team
More than 500 refugees are expected to be trained from the Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT) in First Aid and the basic principles of self-protection
Hellenic Rescue Team participated in the International Maritime Rescue Federation crew exchange program
With two volunteers, one from HRT Samos and one from HRT Headquarters, in Thessaloniki, HRT participated in this year’s International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) Crew Exchange program.
HRT’s Aeronautical Search and Rescue training in cooperation with the Hellenic Air Force
For eighth consecutive year, Hellenic Rescue Team in cooperation with the Hellenic Air Force, conducted an aeronautical SAR training
HRT participated in the IMRF Crew Exchange Programme
The crew exchange programme was hosted by the German sea rescue organization DGzRS
First aid training for “Save the Children” in Greece
44 people who work for the organization "Save the Children" were trained in first aid by HRT
15 HRT volunteers were hosted by RS for the 4th course of maritime rescue training
15 volunteer members of HRT participated since Monday the 14th of November in the fourth training course in maritime rescue procedures
The British sea rescue organization RNLI starts a six-month training program at Lesvos HRT
RNLI's support in HRT Lesvos started at the end of 2015
Two-day workshop on maritime and sky rescue at the 111 Combat Wing in Anchialos
160 HRT volunteers participated in the workshop
Officer of the Hellenic Rescue Team participates in a training program at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)
The training program took place in Poole, Great Britain and lasted two weeks
Second training course for HRT’s members for Search and Rescue in Norway
14 members-volunteers of Hellenic Rescue Team had the chance to attend another immense training experience in sea rescue practices in Norway, with Redningsselskapet
Training programme for rescue people in avalanches has succesfully completed in collaboration with ANENA
An instructor from ANENA international organization and three Hellenic Rescue Team’s instructors trained 15 people, all mountain professionals, in topics such as preventing accidents from avalanches and search and rescue drills.
Training on sea rescue procedures for 13 members of the HRT at Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, in Oslo
With 13 members of the HRT, who are actively involved in the sea rescue, has begun its participation to the educational program organized in Oslo by the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (Redningsselskapet, RS), with which the HRT is twinned.
Participation of an HRT member in a crew exchange program of the International Maritime Rescue Federation
A member of the Central Administration of HRT, participated in this year's crew exchange program of the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) and hosted by the Finish Lifeboat Institution
Participation of the HRT to the International Congress for Alpine Rescue
Present this year too at the International Congress for Alpine Rescue, that took place in Killarney Ireland, was the Hellenic Rescue Team, which was represented by two of its members, volunteer rescuers


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Hellenic Rescue Team is a non-governmental organization, whose members participate in Search and Rescue missions on a voluntary basis since 1994.

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