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GOBEYOND: An innovative platform for Multi-Risk Early Warning System for geohazards and weather events
The identification of algorithms for the early warning of natural disasters and their integration with those related to weather conditions is the aim of the European Project GOBEYOND, in which the Hellenic Rescue Team is participating.
HRT participates in "STRONG" project
First responders play a prominent and essential role in the everyday situations of all civil society; and among all services they provide are law enforcement, fire suppression, and emergency medical services (EMS).
SILVANUS: The new European Green Deal Project launched for wildfire management, forest resilience and climate change
Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Green Deal program and coordinated by Università Telematica Pegaso, SILVANUS project includes 49 partners from the European Union, Brazil, Indonesia, and Australia, for a period of 42 months.
RESCUER: The EU project aiming at empowering the new generation of First Responders
RESCUER aims to design and develop a First-Responder-centered technology toolkit that will empower the next generation of First Responders (FR)
Hellenic Rescue Team participates in the European project Med1stMR
Hellenic Rescue Team, along with a multidisciplinary, international consortium of 18 partners, coordinated by the AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology, Center for Technology Experience, participates in the European project MED1stMR
A new portable operations center for the volunteers of the Hellenic Rescue Team
The volunteers of the NGO Hellenic Rescue Team now have a new portable operations center at their disposal, thanks to donations collected for the hiking project "Olympus 12 Refuge Trail."
Hellenic Rescue Team participates in the European project “Search and Rescue”
Hellenic Rescue Team, along with other 28 European partners, 4 of which are from Greece, is participating in the project “Search and Rescue”, which is led by the National Technical University of Athens and is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.
Hellenic Rescue Team participates in the European project PathoCERT
Hellenic Rescue Team, along with 15 partners from Greece, Europe and South Korea, participates in the European project PathoCERT (Pathogen Contamination Emergency Response Technologies)
SAFERS Kicks off: A New Collaborative Platform to Fight Against Forest Fire
Forest fires are exacerbated by extreme weather conditions, which are increasing both in frequency and in magnitude due to climate change effects. Globally, massive fires have swept through forests and other landscapes in an alarming rate, resulting in the loss of human lives, destruction of homes and biodiversity, and emitting millions of tons of CO2 together with other pollutants in addition to other destructive impacts.
Olympus 12 Refuge Trail: A difficult mountaineering project that was successfully completed
After 14 days of a solitary march on the mountain of the gods, Mount Olympus, the volunteer of the NGO Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT), Lorenzo Nerantzis, completed the Olympus 12 Refuge Trail, a hiking effort that took place for the first time in Greece
Olympus 12 Refuge Trail
On September 22, Lorenzo Nerantzis, a volunteer of the Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT) from Thessaloniki, will attempt something that happens for the first time in Greece.
RS (Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue) delegation visits Hellenic’s Rescue Team branches in Volos, Corfu and Irakleio
An RS (Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue - Redningsselskapet) delegation visited between the 23rd and the 30th of September the HRT branches in Volos, Corfu and Irakleio.
Integrated Operations Center for Providing Humanitarian Assistance - HELP
The overall objective of the project is to improve the strategic and operational efficiency of public administration and public services in managing natural disasters within the wider cross-border area
Visit of the House Foreign Affairs Committee General Counsel and the US Embassy to HRT Samos
They met with HRT Samos volunteers and were briefed about their rescue work, especially in the sea
Hellenic Rescue Team receives this year’s “Mother Teresa” award for Social Justice
HRT is awarded for its rescue work at sea during the refugee crisis in Greece
Lions Norway financially supports Hellenic Rescue Team
Lions Norway financially supported HRT Lesvos, Kos, Magnisia and Corfu
UNHCR supports Hellenic Rescue Team Chios by donating fuel for rescue vessels
The UNHCR decided to support the station of the Hellenic Rescue Team in Chios with a donation of 1.000 euro
Hellenic Rescue Team receives the UNHCR NANSEN Refugee Award
The Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT) and Efi Latsoudi, the human rights activist behind “PIKPA village” in Lesvos, will be awarded this year's NANSEN Refugee Award by the UNHCR
New rescue boat for Hellenic Rescue Team in Kos
«CHIARA» is the name of the new search and rescue boat of Hellenic Rescue Team, which will operate in the area of ??Kos.
Die Seenotretter and Hellenic Rescue Team cooperate in saving lives at sea in Lesvos
Since February, boat Minden of Die Seenotretter – DGzRS in collaboration with Hellenic Rescue Team engaging Search and Rescue missions in Lesbos Island.
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Hellenic Rescue Team is a non-governmental organization, whose members participate in Search and Rescue missions on a voluntary basis since 1994.

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