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Research and Technology

Research and Technology

The purpose of the HRT’s Department of Research and Technology is to propose and manage subjects in the areas of technical communications, IT, electronic equipment as well as to introduce new technologies within the framework of HRT’s operations. Moreover, it designs and develops innovations and improves the existing electronic and information technology systems. 

The Department’s activities include, among other things, the creation and development of pioneering and innovative technological products and services as well as the design and management of the HRT’s nationwide radio network, in order to cover long-distance telecommunications needs, thus securing the ability for up-to-date and quality communications. At the same time, the Department develops software and internet applications and manages the HRT’s information systems while also performing statistical analysis and data documentation.

 Some of the Department’s most important achievements thus far are:

Design and development:

- Autonomous mobile telecommunications system using VHF/UHF

- Repeaters and transponders throughout Greece

- Micro-cameras for searching among ruins

- Point-to-point microwave radio link

- Remote control for electrical loads

- Mobile Voice and Data telecommunications system using HF/VHF/UHF

- Unified database of personnel and equipment

One particularly important milestone in the Department’s history has been the development of the “HERMES” mobile operations telecommunications centre, which was equipped thanks to a donation from Cosmote. This vehicle has contributed to all the HRT’s search and rescue operations.

Finally, in the past few years the HRT has participated in European research programmes whose goal is the use and/or development of new (or existing) technologies and procedures that would be useful in dealing with emergency needs.


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