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Two-day workshop on maritime and sky rescue at the 111 Combat Wing in Anchialos

Date: 05/09/2016
Two-day workshop on maritime and sky rescue at the 111 Combat Wing in Anchialos

160 volunteers of the Hellenic Rescue Team from all departments of the organisation participated in an educational two-day workshop on maritime and sky rescue, which took place on Saturday, 3rd and Sunday, 4th September 2016 at the 111 Combat Wing, in Anchialos of Volos.

 During the training, members of the HRT gave presentations on themes which had to do with the operational visibility of the Organisation, the positions of vessels, crews and equipment, international partnerships and trainings in Greece and abroad, new techniques and methods of maritime search and rescue, and the program "Aegeus" of the Hellenic Rescue Team which is the largest mobilisation of the organisation to support island branches, in response to the refugee issue. In addition, presentations were conducted on on the capacity of the HRT in the management of search and rescue operations in the Aegean region by using modern technology, while there was also a presentation on the strategic plan of the organisation for next year.

 Furthermore, the Appointed Councelor for Civil Protection of the Region of Western Macedonia, Elias Katanas, who participated in the training with the branch of HRT Kozani, presented the 2015-2020 Civil Protection Strategic Plan of the Region of Western Macedonia.

 The workshop was attended by the representative of the Ministry of Defence, Brigadier General of the Air Force, Mr Georgopoulos.

 On Sunday, 4th September field exercises were held on marine rescue, in which were involved helicopters of the Air Force, four rescue boats of the HRT from the Central Administration in Thessaloniki and Corfu, as well as a rescue jet ski (rescue runner).

 The Hellenic Rescue Team thanks the 111 Combat Wing for its excellent hospitality and cooperation and the 358 Search and Rescue Squadron for its contribution to this important educational two-day workshop.

Two-day workshop on maritime and sky rescue at the 111 Combat Wing in Anchialos


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